Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Good morning!!!! Today's WOYWW post is unusually long and provides a backstory :)
Do you notice ANYTHING?

Of course you do....

I cleaned ALL areas of my extended workdesk! Yay! 

I cleaned not only my "original" desk...but the extension table for group work AND my stamping tables. Impressive, no?

I was in such danger of being buried under the piles of projects...and due to some ahem...comments. So that was my Friday night project.

Yes, I know...the real what's on my worksdesk this morning is coming up in a few pictures.   Today's post is LOADED with pics!

The cleanup was good because I was ready to get started on putting together the baby shower invitations that I previously posted. 

The Baby Cowgirl Invitation Sample
The new mom selected the pink glitter Paisley background on a deep chocolate brown. 

Coordinating Paper Selection - See the Paisley Perfect Stamps in the bottom right corner?
My dear friend came over with her mother.

We worked on her daughter's baby shower invitation and due to the cleanup, we had plenty of room to work. Before we started [Sunday], I was selected some coordinating papers for the mini-banner.  I quickly put all of the papers to the side and we commenced invitation making.

I taught great-grandma-to-be how to use the Cricut. She cut out the pieces while mom cut the paisley background paper and card bases.  Then Mom and I stamped and embossed. We finished 36 base cards before they left on Sunday.  We were still playing with the layout a bit, adding a ribbon bow and perhaps a stamped rope on the right side of the wording layer.  We'll see how it turns out in the end.

With the complicated parts done, now its just assembling the little boots and the backgrounds for the actual invitation wording.

You can see all the little pieces ready to go in my "parts tray". 

And the left corner is the sleeve of my robe this morning. LOL.

I will finish tonight. 

Side note:
Boot Parts Awaiting Assembly
I saved some portabella mushroom grocery trays to hold Cricut pieces when I am working a project.  Using trays also lets me tote the pieces into the living room if I prefer to watch TV with DH and continue assembling the pieces, rather than being downstairs in the basement.

The Boot - Cut from the Cricut E2. 
Not glued together straight yet, just stacked for right now.
Wording Layers awaiting assembly

Thank you for stopping by and hanging in there for the whole post.  Check out my fellow WOYWW at The Stamping Ground...I'm off to work!


  1. WOW! those shower invitations are gorgeous and look like a lot of detail work.
    LOL your robe sleeve looks just like mine, pink robe white cuff?
    Have a great week
    Krisha #26

  2. Such a cute invitation. Brown and pink is one of my favorite color combos. And payments are my fave! April #85

  3. Hi Dawn,

    What a great assembly line you had going! The shower invitations are going to look great!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (3)


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