Monday, December 1, 2014

Day #30

Most of my posts are about family and being in the country. This gratefulness blogging is at an end for 2014.  I think this year I've noticed how much more my family means to me. We take every opportunity we can to spend time with family. And the same with our friends.  And I am grateful for our opportunity to have Clayhille. It just brings home how much I enjoy being outdoors. Today I sat in my stand for doe season and it was windy and cold and I didn't see any deer. But I did get to see a bald eagle circling in the clearing over my stand and that made it all worthwhile.  Not everyone gets to see such a beautiful sight. A wonderful way to wrap up my gratefulness diary.

Day 29

We're nearing the end of my exercise. Today I am grateful for the time spent on a beautiful day with grandsons after Codi and a friend were successful at Doe Season (from my stand). We all worked together to get the butchering done. Venison in the cooler!