Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wonderful Wedding at a Winery

Bride & Groom
We attended a friend's daughter's wedding this weekend, and, as it was about 2 hours away, took the opportunity to stay with the family at a nearby historic hotel. 

A beautiful water feature at the Winery
The weather was FANTABULOUS!  

In the upper 70's, which is highly unusual at the end of July in the Midwest! It was  a beautiful day to be married outdoors by a waterfall [manmade or not].

We have been fortunate to have spent loads of time with the bride's family and have been friends with them all over the years.  We have property adjacent to some of her family, and, funnily enough, live less than a mile away from them at home. 

Her aunt and grandmother & I make cards every so often, and we worked together with her mother to make their wedding invitations. We printed the 1 layer invitation and the response cards, then stamped & heat-embossed a very subdued champagne swirl in the corners. It was just an understated bit of elegance, which was PERFECT for the bride.  We thought they came out very nice.
Myself & DH -- in formal dress, no less.

So, DH and I traveled to the wedding and ended up having to stop at a florist on the way to pick up a replacement bouquet-toss throw bouquet, as it was omitted from their order. 

We arrived at the restored mineral springs hotel in time to get ready for the wedding and travel to the winery for the wedding. It was a beautiful evening!

Because we are near St. Louis, and the groom is die-hard Cardinals fan, his friends chipped in and had Fred Bird come to the wedding for entertainment.

He was a BIG hit!

We adjourned to the historic Original Springs Hotel and visited near the pool for a while, and today had a wonderful brunch at their restaurant before heading home.

It was a nice change of pace and fun celebrating with the newlyweds!


  1. How lovely! Glad you guys got to have a fun weekend away! My hubby and I honeymooned at a local vineyard here on Long Island. We go back each year for our anniversary. It is truly wonderful. Hard to leave! Your invites turned out fabulous! Great pic of your and your hubby! Love that you got a pic sometimes I forget to take ones of us "together"!

    1. A honeymoon weekend would be awesome! Glad you had fun!

  2. thanks Winnie! I know, it's just nice to have a "dressed up" picture.


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