Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All Star Monkey Shower

I made this card before I started blogging, for my step-grandaughter's baby shower last year (G-grandson will be 1 on 1 August).  We worked together with her friend to make 40 of them!

She wanted Monkeys and then bought the baby's bedding that had Jungle Animals on the coverlet with a Sports theme. I actually copied the crib sheet on 11x17 paper at Kinko's then reduced it to a pleasing background size. I copied several sheets and cut them for the background paper.

I die cut the little monkeys using the Cricut -- it was 2 pieces that had to be glued together. Then -- I discovered that the same cartridge had "All Star" and that just MADE the card!

I heat-embossed You're invited to a Shower - this is my prototype, and I used see-through red embossing power. I changed to an opaque red for the final cards and stamped straight - LOL!  Then it was time for mass assembly!

I didn't realize that I didn't post it.  It was one of my favorite cards! So I hope you enjoy!

Cricut Cartridge -- Life's A Party
K&Co paper -- Julianne
Background paper -- a copied and reduced crib sheet!


  1. Oh my are so ingenious to think of copying and shrinking down the sheet. Brilliant idea!
    I donèt think any of the quilt ladies sew for money...they seem to sew for themselves and family...some quilt and donate to charity...I will ask about but not sure where you are either...I am in Canada...

    I just love your to page back and look over a few more of yours!

    1. scrappymo...well, I'm sure I can find a church bazaar somewhere here. Those sweatshirts were all the rage about 10 years ago...I just thought I would ask because they looked so quilty! I am in Missouri! Thank you for answering!

  2. That is awesome and talk about personalized. I must say,I love the idea of copying the sheet, never heard of anyone doing that before. That monkey is just adorable!

    1. I had SOOOO much fun with it! But finding the striped paper in quality was difficult. I tried some other stripes, but they just didn't look right. So I ended up buying 3 K&Co paper stacks. I will be making blue and brown cards FOREVER!. The stack is gorgeous, but still...


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