Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Diet

Last week we had news that DH is diabetic. So the past week has been re-evaluating our food choices, and spending a lot of time learning about diabetes and what he can eat, as well as doing a lot of food prep on fresh vegetables to fill up on.  
Barnes & Noble loves us, because we have 4 new cookbooks!

Hopefully we can control it with diet. I cleaned out my pantry on Sunday and have lots of sweet things to donate to a food pantry.
The bonus is that we will both be healthier with a better diet and taking care of ourselves. We just need to take the dietician classes now, and learn to balance the diet so that he's not starving! 

I don't know if a whole T-bone and bread and baked potato will still be on his menu...but we will certainly try to work out how he can still enjoy his steak & potatoes!
Another interesting journey!


  1. Hi, Dawn.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Through your blog I have for the first time heard of the WOYWW blog. Such fun - I think I will have to participate tomorrow!
    Good luck on the 'new' diet!! I'm sure if you plan carefully diebetics can still enjoy lovely food!
    My blog: www.Kaartjiekreatief.Blogspot.com
    Have a nice day! Regards from sunny South Africa.

    1. Hello, Petra! Thank you for all the sweet comments! Glad you enjoyed perusing my blog! I have enjoyed blogging and "met" so many wonderful people through blogging. But I think us cardmakers are a very specially nice sort :). I hope to see you soon on WOYWW!

    2. Hi Petra...I was trying to comment on your blog and couldn't select it. I hope it's my brain dead condition right now...and not a blog malfunction! Seems we were both published in the winter Take Ten ...I've got to quit for the night and get some much needed rest! See you soon!

  2. Sounds like a good path you and your hubby are on. I have to cut down on my carbs as it puts weight on me which I don't need. I have been trying to cut down on the white bread products, and having protein with my veggies for dinner. Figured I would start slow. I still like my bagel for breakfast! (That steak looks so delicious!)

    1. Hi Winnie! I know we all need to cut down...but you are so right! I have a Thomas Whole Wheat bagel every day for breakfast myself. It's a good thing he doesn't look at my blog! That was from a few months ago - it just looked so good that night I took a picture.


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