Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Happy WOYWW#218, Ladies!

I am finally doing it.  A partial photo of my workdesk with a MESS!  

This week has been very busy with work (I'm on a 45-day deadline requiring extra effort - translated in many late hours), and a brand new diet to incorporate for DH with extra shopping and food prep - so not much happening besides those things.  

My dirty little secret is that I clear a spot to work on, and push everything to the edges until I do a massive cleanup and all the ribbons go back into their containers, and markers to their bin, and tape back into their proper drawer, etc. I just can't let go of the pieces until I've used them all.  The only way I can past that is to bundle up all of the matching papers into a manila folder to work on later (maybe). That way the papers I've worked to match are still all together and I feel good about saving money (LOL) and using all my scraps.  Let's just be real here.  I obsess over using all the scraps to feel better about the stamps I buy so I can use them...
Last weekend in our clean up before Great-Grandson's overnight stay, I ran down to the basement with my stack of papers I've collected for my 6x6 project and threw them on the top of the pile. The project involves trying to make as many coordinated cards as possible from a 6x6 stack.  It's part of my Rub-on Fail series - LOL.  Other patterns in the stack include a dressmaker form, so you can see some Tim Holtz stamps and a small test dressmaker form die cut I made with my Cricut using the CTMH Artiste cartridge. I have some other french themed cartridges, just haven't tested them yet. And let's see....what else is on this part of my desk?

My heat gun is top right, where I turn from my stamping table and where DH has installed a heavy duty outlet bank so I don't blow the lights out while I'm heat embossing and have the space heater on in the winter.
Some of the fruits at the top are leftover from the July CTMH Stamp of the Month projects I was making. The baker's twine rolls are from my whale cards.  Under the twine rolls are whaley bits that I would still like to use in more cards.  Under the shelf are many pieces that still need to find a home on a card.  Top left are pieces of CTMH Dream Pop paper that I can't put away yet.
And I see that there are still aqua rub-on failure bits on the right -- as I'm working, I try to keep my really small trash pieces off the floor, so they make a pile on the right, where I can just sweep them off into the trashcan or recycle bag. And the distress ink was out for this week's Mojo Monday card. My first sentiment fancy oval is peeking out under the red dotted paper. 
I've got to run to work, so Happy WOYWW Wednesday to everyone at ...[I stopped typing here and cruised over to the Stamping Ground to copy the link to paste here and stopped to read Julia's post -- funny - we both have a mess today . So my sentence was stuck at  "at..."]  the home of WOYWW.



  1. Doesn't everyone work like that? I know I do - everything gets pushed to the sides so I have a 12" square to work in! Every now and again, I have a tidy up and it's amazing what I find.

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #63

  2. I have a corner of the dining table to work on and it soon spills over onto the entire table and then it's time to clear away and prepare the family meal! Try as I might to keep tidy I never, never seem to manage it! Maybe we should have a messy crafters anonymous club because I reckon messy crafting might just be the norm! Julie Ann xx #41

  3. Love your artful desk today! That Tim set is one of my favorites. I love to use that dressform for a lot of cards and tags. The papers you have out are pretty too, love the color! Winnie#76

  4. Greetings from a fellow 'push to the sides' crafter. You have an almighty excuse there anyway with all those hours and special diets to organise amazed you find time to craft, and here I am with the time and a lack of mojo.

    Lynda #82

  5. Hello, Im Roberta 110, Im on my 2nd week of this and looking at every ones goodies has really got me doing I cant wait till mine looks nice and tidy. Thanks for letting me peek around. Bright Blessing to you and yours

  6. I would love to see all the cards you made with the coordinated 6X6 papers. I tried following a tutorial and made quite a few cards, but I still have some scraps I need to use. April #122


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