Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WOTWW#219 - A Clean Slate

Good morning! Welcome back to WOTWW!!!
Although last week's photo was a mess -- this week I have a clean desk as a result of hours of cleaning up and putting things away.
Why? Because I'm having my nieces over for a stamping / scrapping weekend!!! 
I spent time picking up so that we all had room to work and put up a folding table next to my workdesk. That means of course that I have to not only pick up my work desk but also my stamping table and my cricut table. LOL. The disadvantage of not really having to put anything away when its just me!!

I'm also still on a horrible deadline at work so I don't have a lot of time to explain my desktop.  Some of my projects are bundled up and yellow manila folders at the end of my space. And my little scrap bin is chock-full and I haven't put it all the way in my color scrap folders. That's just as good as it gets!  Take a good look because it's not going to be this clean for very long!
Suffice it to say that its clean and I have a clean slate to create! YAY!
Hope you all have a wonderful week and I can't wait to do a little blog hoppin' to check out your desks too! 
See you at the stamping ground!


  1. Thats a great collection of mounts you have there! I see you have a craft mat too. I have 2 small ones, and one of the large ones. I carry the little ones with me to classes etc, or use them as my palate. Enjoy your stamping weekend! Those are the best kind! Winnie#85

  2. Happy WOYWW. Good work. That looks like a fab place for crafting. Ali x #56

  3. Your desk looks great! Have a great time with your nieces and I hope your work project wraps up soon. April #120

  4. I know your nieces are looking forward to being turned loose in your craft space!! What a grand time will be had by all!!

    Enjoy your WOYWW journey!
    Lynn #30

  5. What a fun time you have planned. Jealous! Kim 26

  6. Awesome - doesn't it look spanking new ? I hope you have a wonderful time crafting together :-D

    Happy WOYWW
    IKE in Greece #99

  7. Aw Dawn, it looks amazing..I wonder if your lovely nieces know about your efforts?!! I know you'll have a lorra fun messing up that space for sure. And hey - get the girls to do the colour sorting and stash busting!

  8. Nice clean desk wow! Well, I guess it won't be for long when you'll have some time with your nieces. Brigita #106

  9. Thank you ALL for stopping by & seeing my CLEAN space. I am posting some NEW pix on this post of the larger space...YEP! It looks that good!
    Had a review of my proposal today, and logged 14 hours of OT, so I'm pretty brain dead. But I loved seeing your comments, even though I couldn't comment on each and every one! See you next week, when my tables will be back in their natural state!

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  11. Wow, you look lovely and organized and ready for the fun crafting day!

    Thanks for the extra pictures of your is always fun to see where we all craft...not just the desk shots.

    Not in WOYWW this week as I am still on holidays but just dripping by to say Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog!


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