Monday, September 9, 2013

Work, work, work

The last 3 weeks have pretty much been all about working 12 hour days + OT. In some spare time DH has cooked and allowed niece & I to make cards. She  stayed to have kidney stone procedure, and we traveled to MS for my family reunion over Labor Day. She will get her stent out this week and feel 100% better!!!
My work deadline is almost over....proposal ships this week....ready for it to be packed in boxes & at Fed Ex!


  1. Hope she feels better soon! My girl friend had this a few weeks ago, and now is much better. Then had to change her diet and make her drink more water. She had them a lot, so she is cutting out a lot of dairy. I had no idea there were different "types".

    Glad your proposal will be done and you can relax and get more crafty time in!

  2. Hi Winnie! The Proposal delivered on Monday... And so far I have only caught up on housework. hope to have some time soon!


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